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Bradec (Andover) Ltd is a specialist Painting and Decorating Division of the Bradec Group.

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Residential Refurbishment

Bradec has been established on a reputation of high quality workmanship in all sectors of Construction, none more so than the Residential market. Bradec has refurbished many Residential Projects working in conjunction with both Architects and Designers, to attain the clients exacting requirements.

Bradec targets the residential refurbishment market, preferring the total Renovation project, whereby the Client requirements are a total refurbishment of a property, or major part there of, managed professionally and requiring a high standard of Finish. Smaller scale projects are also undertaken, where the same procedures and standards are applied.

Bradec can meet the needs of bespoke designs through some of our specialist suppliers and subcontractors to achieve the type of specialists requirements made by many of our Clients / Clients Designers.

Bradec generally becomes involved in the Project after the Architect / Designer has agreed a concept, however Bradec can become involved at the initial stage and offer advice and budget costings, and if required by the Client introduce Architects, Building Surveyors, Designers and Structural Engineers to the Client.

Many of the projects completed are in Central London and the Home Counties, but Bradec can offer its services on a wider scale covering much of Southern England.

Residential New Builds

Bradec has also established itself in the residential new build sector and offers a service to meet the differing requirements of the Client. Able to offer advice from the feasibility and design through to the construction and hand over to the owner, finished to the high standards that our Clients expect.

Bradec are competent in the Construction of individual units to multiple unit developments working in conjunction with the Clients Architect or to Design Specifications determined by the Client.

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